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A Call to Awakening

2 Learning to Sit: On the Practice of Meditation

3 Walking a Sacred Path

4 Lectio Divina with Scripture

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1 A Letter from the Earth on Awakening

2 A Letter from the Earth on Learning to Sit

3 A Letter from the Earth on Labyrinths


1 Awaken by Nancy Flinchbaugh

2 Learning to Sit by Nancy Flinchbaugh

3 Sacred Path by Nancy Flinchbaugh


An Interview with Carl McColman on Meditation 7/25/20

An Interview with Linda Mikell, Veriditas Labyrinth Facilitator 6/20/20

An Interview with Rebecca Benston, Higher Ground Books and Media 6/8/20

An Interview with Nancy Flinchbaugh, Spiritual Seedlings 6/8/20

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