Spiritual Seedlings

6 A Letter from the Earth on Sacred Conversation and Holy Listening

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Dear Nancy,

Thank you for making space in your life for sacred conversation. When you listen to your friends in your Shalem Circle, when you meet with your spiritual director, you are listening for Me in new ways.

 It’s so important for each person to be heard. In the process of listening with each other for God in your lives, you identify the Spirit moving in and among you. You find companions on your spiritual journey.

 You are the way I communicate. When you listen with compassion, you become my heart beating for the person we both love. When others listen to you, you feel my love extending hope, joy, validation, and deep caring into your life.

 So, Nancy, cultivate these sacred conversations, not just on Skype and Google Hangout, but in your church community. These are the powerful conversations which will bring change to our world.

 Study the process. Encourage your faith community to practice listening. Be creative in making more space in your life for sacred conversation. This is what I want for you all.



Note: This Letter from the Earth is an excerpt from my book, Awakenings: A Contemplative Primer on Learning to Sit. The picture is my friend, Tiffany Wanzo, lovingly listening to her newborn grandson, Ezekiel.