Spiritual Seedlings

3 A Letter from the Earth about Labyrinths

Nancy sitting on a labyrinth


Dear One,

A labyrinth is a path to Me.

When you walk the labyrinth, you slow down, you enter silence. This is where you encounter my rhythm. There, in the center, you absorb the mystery of hope, of love, of joy.

You humans like to be busy, busy, busy. Running here, running there. Constant chattering on your devices and in your heads. The labyrinth, in contrast, lets you unwind.

The rhythmic pattern invites you to let go of the chatter, the busyness and your devices and simply move into the center. I want you to live from your center, with Me. That’s what you find in the labyrinth.

Spiraling in and back out, you replicate a basic fractal in my created world — galaxies, roses, rain forest plants. You see that life emerges from the center of a seed, a bulb, even roots.

So it is with you, my friend, as you slow down and circle in with me, you will discover such a quality of life and love that will circle with you as you walk out.

It’s a path of hope, I walk with you.

 Love, Gaia