Spiritual Seedlings

3 Sacred Path

Labyrinth with Candles January 2019


At day’s end,

            I am often frazzled, depleted.

            They say the personality disintegrates

            in small children when they are tired.

            I, too, feel like this at times.

At day’s end,

            Sometimes I walk the labyrinth.

            taking off my shoes, I slow down.

            I enter sacred space, enjoying soft music

            letting the path carry me.

The path winds

Around and back and forth, and I begin to unwind.

            My frazzled spirit dissolves as

            sweet loving presence caressing my soul.

I reach the center

            and know I am not alone.

            God is present there for me.

            I sit, kneel, or even lay flat on the cloth, resting in God.

            Dancing Spirit of Love, entwining with me.

When I rise, I long to dance.

            So I twirl on the path out, dancing with God

            aware of love before and behind, moving within me.

            Preparing and then re-entering

            the dance of love in this everyday journey of mine.

Now I smile.  I am at peace.


By Nancy Flinchbaugh

An excerpt from Awakening: A Contemplative Primer on Learning to Sit (Higher Ground Books and Media, 2020)