Letters from the Earth

18 A Letter from the Earth concerning a Walk in the Arboretum


For several years, I have been receiving Letters from the Earth. She urges me to share them with you. I believe they come deep from the heart of God, the nurturing energy in all of creation. I received this letter after taking a walk in a beautiful arboretum and cemetery a block from home. I had been worrying about the changing climate that day, pondering the great denial of so many despite the obvious problem we face. 

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18 A Letter from the Earth Concerning a Walk in the Arboretum

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for listening to me. So many are disconnected from me these days. I appreciate your willingness to listen and record my thoughts. Thank you very much.

These walks are good for you and good for me.

For once you took time to really consider your place in the universe. An earthling walking on planet earth, you sensed the position of your body on a round ball, suspended in space, in an ever evolving universe. Looking at the limestone cliffs, grown of millions of years of geological events, now full of holes, eroding yet still standing. You saw yourself within the Universe Story and marveled at the miracle of it all.

Thank you for taking time to be aware of all that has transpired and all that is happening now.

I know it was hard for you yesterday when your high school friends laughed and told you global warming wasn’t real. Later your husband reminded you that denial is a very real part of grief. You have to love the people, even as you continue to speak. Remember the hospice nurse, Patty Babian, who told you never to deny people their denial. Sometimes that’s the best place to be.

So much churning within you these days, Nancy. I know it’s painful and beautiful. Puzzling and triumphant. Depressing and hopeful.

In the midst of this time, I thank you for listening. I give thanks as you lead the church children in their dance of gratitude this morning, know that I am there, animating you and them, dancing, providing life for all and I appreciate you.

Love, Gaia

A Letter from the Earth concerning Rest


For several years, I have been receiving Letters from the Earth.  Now, she urges me to share them with you. I believe they come deep from the heart of God, the nurturing energy in all of creation. I received this letter last week when once again, I was pushing myself too hard. A few days later, I woke up sick with a bad cold The sinus infection I’d been nursing for weeks went wild. Then I had to stop. What is it that keeps me trying to do too much? The Earth tried to tell me to stop before I got sick. Maybe now I’ll listen.  

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May 5, 2018

Dear Nancy,

All living things need rest.

There is a rhythm of life. You move quickly, growing at a rapid rate as an embryo, cells dividing and manifesting into life. And you become human over the years, learning laughing, loving, crying.

When you quit growing, you’ve arrived. But no, you humans continue to strive and push yourselves beyond the precipice into tomorrow, always more.

But stop, Nancy. Listen. Slow down. Let it go. Then you really will get it. When you find ways to integrate more rest in your daily life you will truly start to live.

It’s not just about sleep. It’s about time to recharge with me in nature. It’s not about doing nothing, as much as being in bliss.

You’ve got this. I love you. You will find the way.



2018 April 11 A Letter from the Earth concerning Opening


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For several years, I have been receiving Letters from the Earth. Now, she urges me to share them with you. I believe they come deep from the heart of God, the nurturing energy in all of creation. I received this letter after local high school students presented a program at our John Legend Theater on how it’s okay to be different and go against the grain.

April 11, 2018

A Letter from the Earth concerning Opening

Dear Nancy,

At this time of year in Ohio, the world is awakening, isn’t it? Although you’ve had a very strange spring, you are seeing signs now of new life, aren’t you?

In your front yard, you’ve welcomed yellow daffodils, fragrant purple hyacinths, and some white and lavender crocuses. You know your tulips are up and waiting in the wings to unfold.

Opening. The plants are opening, up, reaching toward the sun, emerging from the earth now. Soon you’ll be preparing your garden and planting new seeds and plants and flowers.

I want you to watch the opening. Observe the buds as they develop, slowly becoming luminous and then they burst open into life. The light of the sun, the warmth of that light, photosynthesis, all combining into the miraculous moment. Quite lovely, if I might say so myself.

And so it is with you humans as well. You need the light of my love and the warmth of community to trigger inner transformation and help you open into your true selves.

The young people in the Springfield High School Leadership Team explained this so well Monday night. They said it’s okay to be weird and go against the grain and that opening their minds is very important.

Open up. That’s my message to all of us. It can be scary, I know. But open up and bloom into your true self. Allow my light to transform you into beauty and hope. When you absorb my love and light, you can be who you were called to be in this world.

It’s spring time. Observe the blooming all around. You can bloom, too. This is what I hope for you all.

Love, Gaia.

22 A Letter from the Earth Concerning Connection

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For several years, I have been receiving Letters from the Earth. Now, she urges me to share them with you. I believe they come deep from the heart of God, the nurturing energy in all of creation. In February of 2016, my older brother fainted in his kitchen, hit his head on a hard tile floor and died the next day. `When I returned home from the funeral I was tired of winter and grieving. And then, I received this letter.

Received February 20, 2016

Dear Nancy,

Keep observing the earth.

You feel like a stranger in your own home today. Sometimes I think you humans are strangers on planet earth because you have become so disconnected from me.

Spend time outdoors and you will not be lonely. Walk to work and you will understand. Listen to the wind. Watch the flowers grow. Plant. Harvest. Observe the seasons.

Right now, we are reaching the end of winter in Ohio. The cold is leaving. Buds begin to appear. The ground thaws. Although the days are still cold, the seeds and plants are starting to awaken.

Nancy, don’t get too caught up in the human drama. You are of the earth. Clay animated. Stardust, if you will. This is the stuff of life. So you have all these modern trappings, but remember you emerged, just like a plant. And just like all living things, eventually, you die. So don’t be too caught up in all of your head stuff.

Take time to be and seek me in nature. Connect with fallow ground. Experiment a little more with bringing your own plot of land to life this year.

And remember to dance. Now is the time. Don’t wait for tomorrow.



2018 April 9 A Letter from the Earth concerning April Snow

April snow

This spring, our weather is weird. Torrential downpours led to flooding. Tornadoes and winds damaged trees and houses. And then, it began to snow again. Three times in the past two weeks. I received this letter from the Earth, as I sat in my morning meditation chair, looking at the April snow outside my window. I believe the letters I receive come from deep within the heart of God, the nurturing energy at the center of all creation.


A Letter from the Earth concerning April Snow

Received April 9, 2018


Dear Nancy,

Today I want you to consider the beauty of the Earth – of me and and of you. I know you’re a little perturbed because it snowed again last night. It’s April and you want spring flowers, not freezing cold.

But consider the snowflakes. Each a perfect crystal, each unique. All gathering together to create beauty on your landscape. Look. Observe. Reflect. Photograph. Appreciate. Take it all in.

Yes, our climate is changing. Yes, you need to speak up. Yes, it’s a serious problem. But don’t neglect to see the miracles yet unfolding around you, even in the April snow.

This is a precious, beautiful  miraculous world in which we live, together. Take time to notice the miracles. If people fall in love with me, they’re more likely to get involved in speaking up for sustainability, reducing fossil fuel use and making the change we need.

Take time today, Nancy, to appreciate the beauty of our earth.

Love, Gaia

21. A Letter from the Earth on Valentine’s Day


On February 1, my older brother, Bruce, fainted in his kitchen, hit his head on the hard tile floor and never regained consciousness. My brother, a marathon runner who was only 63 and thoroughly enjoying retirement, suddenly left us. My family gathered in Dallas to say good-bye, trying to comprehend this great tragedy. And I’m still very sad, but the one thing that also was so good about that gathering was the love we shared and continue to share with each other. So, when I received this Valentine from the Earth, it resonated with me deeply. The earth continues to teach me so much. I pray I can lavish love as she asks.

A Letter from the Earth on Valentine’s Day

Dear Nancy

On Valentine’s Day, I want you to know I love you. That is the spark of all life, you know.

From the beginning, I’ve longed for someone to talk with, to be with, to create with. You fulfill all my imaginings when you love.

So keep on loving. Please cherish life. So fragile, so amazing, so spectacular, until you, too, spiral out of this world.

Each person, each animal, all of this created world, I ask you to lavish with love. Your scripture tells the greatest is love and it’s so true.

I celebrate the love you humans share and I’m there in the midst of it, cheering you on and beating your hearts and celebrating with you the miracles love unfolds.

Yes, Nancy, love is the greatest aspect of all my creation. Be love. Share love. Fulfill all my dreams for you.

I love you,
Gaia God

12. A Letter from the Earth at the Beach


In January, I visited my friends at a condo at Surfside Beach, South Carolina. Fortunate to be escaping Ohio cold, I relished time to relax with several friends and savor the beach. The first morning, I received yet another letter from the Earth, so full of wisdom and good advice. I am most grateful.

Hello Nancy,

I’m so glad you decided to take a break at the beach of your life.

Here is a place to slow down and savor each day. Welcome the sunrise. Let go at sunset. Experience the dazzling beauty where water waves into land.

For eons you humans come here to dwell in the beauty to get away from your ordinary life. In warmer months you swim and sun, in colder months you walk.

Open yourself to this place. Open your heart to spaciousness. Let that mighty shore teach you what it is you need at this point in your life.

I am always here, welcoming you while we live together. Absorb the beauty so you will hold it within when you return to your inland life.

Your Gaia God.

11. A Letter from the Earth about the Cold


Dear Nancy,

Winter has come to Ohio. You breathe in fresh, crisp air and feel my refreshment. You snuggle under warm blankets, yet enjoy the cool air in your nostrils. Snow blankets the land. Ice forms on the trees.

You see the dormant land coated with beauty. You like what you see. Mesmerized, you walk into a new season that I’ve created for you. Quite wonderful, if I might say so myself!

You humans complain about the cold and I know too much of it can be a very bad thing for you. This is true. And also, Nancy, the cold is so important to your ecosystem. In the mountains, snow creates a water supply for the warmer months. In the temperate zone, cold puts many bugs and pests to sleep and prevents other diseases from taking hold on the population. At the poles, the cold keeps your oceans stable and land masses exposed, not to mention providing home to those cute penguins and lumbering polar bears. It’s all good, Nancy.

I’ve noticed you savoring cold this January, when you thought it might not come this year. And so now, I feel you welcoming cold a little more than usual. I’ve noticed that about you humans.

Sometimes it takes loss, or fear of loss, to help you truly appreciate the goodness of aspects of creation. I sense in you a gradual awakening to me over the past five years. And that is good. I enjoy your awakening into full reverence for the Earth.

So once again, I must tell you, Nancy, don’t be dismayed. I much more hope you will be mesmerized and call your people to celebrate, care for the earth, to dance, to speak out, to love, to realize this incredible miraculous planet in which you live, which is so very holy. That Pope Francis of mine got it right. Join him. Join all the voices, Nancy, all those speaking up, listening to me.

Don’t be dismayed. Be mesmerized.

Dance. Laugh. Love.

I love you.

Gaia God

10. A Letter from the Earth about the Darkness in the Winter

Dear Nancy

You walk through the darkness at this time of year. The longest day has past now, and yet the dark lingers in the morning. You wake to pitch black skies and by the time you come home from work, darkness once again descends upon my landscape.

In your houses now, you have lights and barely experience that darkness. Take some time to go outside at night, Nancy. Let the darkness permeate your consciousness. Let that fecund reality settle into your psyche.


In many of your spiritual traditions, you worship the light. And light is obviously very important, but much of creation happens in total darkness. Think of the beginning of human life. The encounter of the sperm and egg? Total darkness. That darkness is the incubator for all of life. The fetus exists in darkness for months, slowly evolving into a functioning body.

Not only the darkness, but also the coldness that settles into earth at this season is important for nature. The animals, the trees, the ground all get a break. Harmful insects die, the trees go within, your annuals disappear, but your perennials hold life carefully within their roots and little stems, waiting for spring to wake them up again.

And you, too, need this break. As much as you humans complain about the cold, you also like the excuse to spend more time indoors, cuddling up with a book and a blanket, or watching TV. You enjoy your comfortable beds. You enjoy lighting candles and hibernating a bit yourselves at winter.

I created life out of this darkness. And now your scientists realize that 95% of all life is dark space and dark matter, of which they really know very little. Ah, Nancy, that is the mystery which I continue to unravel.

I hope a day never goes by when you forget to marvel at this created world. The place of earth is one of my crowning glories among the galaxies of life. Take time to notice the darkness.

The Christmas cactus as you call it can only bloom when it has those long days. Much of life requires this darkness in other ways. Humans, need the darkness of sleep for rejuvenation.

So Nancy, when you consider this winter time, celebrate the darkness and be grateful for the long nights that are important to life on your planet.

So I encourage you to go out into the night and early morning darkness and experience it more fully.

With much love,
Your designing, ever creating, Gaia God

9. A letter from the Earth on Christmas Day 2015

The month of December here in Springfield, Ohio was unseasonably warm. During the week of Christmas we received torrential downpours, while elsewhere in the USA flooding and tornadoes created yuletide nightmares. On Christmas Day I went out for a walk in my neighborhood. I saw one man mowing the grass. When I came back in, I paused to write and received this, yet another letter of encouragement from the Earth.

Dear Nancy,

Don’t cry. Things are changing, always changing. This is life.

You walked out to visit me on Christmas Day and right outside your front door you noticed the daffodils are coming up already. You’re not used to this happening in December, are you? Just after winter begins there with the solstice you see the ground warming as if winter had passed and spring has begun. That’s change for you.

04 DSCN5104 - Copy

You see, I’ve been here already for several billion years. I’ve gone through many changes and I continue that way. Your husband tells you this frequently, and you know it’s true. I will outlive you humans. You depend on me, but I don’t really need you.

So don’t cry. You took pictures of all the snowmen figurines and flags, but the real thing isn’t around this year. Instead, you have rain, 60 degree weather and you’re wondering what is coming next.


Let go and live in the moment, Nancy. You are trying to raise awareness about climate change and what you humans are doing with your fossil fuels. That’s good. Keep it up, but don’t give in to despair.


I keep telling you to dance, and I’m not making it up. I really do want you to celebrate this life you have. In a moment it comes, and in a moment it goes and now is the time to live.

So dance, celebrate, laugh, be happy and share the Christmas daffodils. That’s good. Keep speaking up for you, for me, for us. I love you. I love them all.

Your Mother, your Earth, your God