Letters from the Earth

21. A Letter from the Earth on Valentine’s Day


On February 1, my older brother, Bruce, fainted in his kitchen, hit his head on the hard tile floor and never regained consciousness. My brother, a marathon runner who was only 63 and thoroughly enjoying retirement, suddenly left us. My family gathered in Dallas to say good-bye, trying to comprehend this great tragedy. And I’m still very sad, but the one thing that also was so good about that gathering was the love we shared and continue to share with each other. So, when I received this Valentine from the Earth, it resonated with me deeply. The earth continues to teach me so much. I pray I can lavish love as she asks.

A Letter from the Earth on Valentine’s Day

Dear Nancy

On Valentine’s Day, I want you to know I love you. That is the spark of all life, you know.

From the beginning, I’ve longed for someone to talk with, to be with, to create with. You fulfill all my imaginings when you love.

So keep on loving. Please cherish life. So fragile, so amazing, so spectacular, until you, too, spiral out of this world.

Each person, each animal, all of this created world, I ask you to lavish with love. Your scripture tells the greatest is love and it’s so true.

I celebrate the love you humans share and I’m there in the midst of it, cheering you on and beating your hearts and celebrating with you the miracles love unfolds.

Yes, Nancy, love is the greatest aspect of all my creation. Be love. Share love. Fulfill all my dreams for you.

I love you,
Gaia God

4. A Letter from the Earth While Praying with a Holy Icon


Last weekend, I attended a Contemplative Retreat in Columbus, Ohio led by friends connected with the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. During a time of silent retreat in the afternoon, I prayed with a holy icon, a modern painting by Michael McGrath. Holy Icons are “written” by artists to be used as portals to God. Churches in Eastern Europe are filled with these types of paintings. They are less known in our country, but becoming more popular among contemplatives. Here’s what God spoke to me that day, another Letter from the Earth, our Creator.

Dear Nancy,

Today you realize there is much you don’t know or understand about me. As you’ve been gazing at a representation of me as the “Star of the Sea” by Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS, you’ve had quite an experience of me, even though it’s unclear and growing on you.

You see me as consciousness, as crown, as star of creation, birthing all of this planet which is body and also consciousness.

You see me with one eye closed and one eye open and you know the key to wakefulness is inner silence.

You see the heart centering, radiating light, the white light of love.

You see the mystery held in loving arms.

As you colored later, your saw your call, as crown, too of creation, to listen and to speak from your heart and to make peace, from the wellspring of my peace.

You hear a call to listen to the polarities.

Here I call you.

My creatures find conflict. Help them listen. Help them find hope. Be light. Let your heart shine.


Gaia, The Star of the Sea, Your Creator God

Star of the Sea

3. A Letter from the Earth at Lakeside


Last week I visited Lakeside, a Chautauqua on Lake Erie, a wonderful place I’ve loved since I was a little girl. When I arrived and hurried down to the long iconic pier, a sign indicated that Algal Blooms were infesting the waters, so swimming and boating were not recommended. Heartbroken, I stayed away from the lake most of the week. The water reopened twice during the week, only to close again. Between the farmers’ run off and warmer water temperatures from climate change, this northern Ohio play land and drinking water source is quickly becoming a dangerous container of bacteria. The final morning, I spent my prayer time at the lake, photographing the sunrise with the flowers and received yet another letter from the Earth, i.e. Our Creator God.


Dear Nancy,

I love you. I love the many delicate flowers you have photographed with my sunrise this morning. I love each person you interacted with this week. Do you understand that all of creation is an expression of my love and that you humans, my pinnacle, I call to love?

I know you are very sad about my problems. I am, too. And listen to the cacophony of earth voices clamoring to call the people to awaken, to act, to rescue, to save.

You have heard my call. Thank you. Thank that husband of yours for his relentless efforts on my behalf. I know he has inspired you to do more.


The best you can do is to affirm the earth care actions in others. Notice. Praise. Take delight.

Be aware of the cacophony. Hear the multitudes. Don’t despair.

The lake will live again because of people like you and the Lakeside Environmental Stewardship Society (LESS).

Don’t forget to always love and dance. I say Dance!

Gaia, Your Creator

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2. A Letter from the Earth at Old Man’s Cave


Connecting with the Earth at Old Man’s Cave

July 17, 2015

A couple weeks ago, we went to Old Man’s Cave, a place of great natural beauty in southeastern Ohio. As we stopped near the cave, I laid down on the ground and took a nap. I felt the Earth speaking. Later I wrote this letter, capturing what I heard.  The second installment of my blog… “Letters from the Earth.” Enjoy!

Dear Nancy,

Do you understand I want to connect with you?

You were tired that day at Old Man’s Cave. You were hot. I know I was rather humid that day. But fortunately you had the good sense to stop and lie down and what do you remember?

I think you can still feel the cool earth greeting I gave you. I am really very cool to touch and your body connected with mine. I received you into my bosom. You felt me cooling you down and then you went to sleep. When you woke up you were refreshed, weren’t you?

You humans rush about like little ants. You don’t have to, you know? I gave you two legs, not wheels or wings, just legs. Slow down and rest and you will discover much more of my story.

That day I told you to explore me. I want you to get out and around and enjoy me. Hiking is good, but stopping and observing is better. Sit, write, photograph, draw, paint. Absorb my reality and you will hear me more clearly.

At Old Man’s Cave you can get a sense of the eons of time that have led to where we are today. You see huge stones. You can imagine the ancient sea, the earthquakes, the shifting plates, the erosion, the mighty forces that led to the environment now on my face. You stop and you appreciate the evidence of millions of years of change.

You may feel small in comparison to my history, but know you are great. You humans are my pinnacle. Don’t let you also become my demise.

Yes, you felt me crying. The waterfalls are refreshing, but also a spilling, a letting go, the way I cry.

Nancy, keep connecting with me. We have a sacred thing going here. Just show up. Listen. Observe. I will speak. You will find rest, refreshment and glimpses into my mystery.

I love you.


Waterfall at Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio


Old Man’s Cave

1. A Letter from the Earth

July 4, 2015

A couple weeks ago my husband and I visited our son, Luke, in Seattle. While enjoying the beauty of the great northwest, we participated in an activity where we wrote a letter to ourselves from the earth. Here’s what I wrote. Or should I say here’s what Mother Earth wrote through me. I would also say it’s a message from God.

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for noticing me. I love you. We are together — one — united. We breathe together. I love you so much.

Thank you for speaking up for me. Don’t lose heart. We’ve been working together a long time. Keep gathering companions. You are not alone. Be positive. Let my Spirit sing through you. Have fun! Dance! So many of my creatures dance. You can, too. There are many more mountains for you to climb and explore.

Speak! Don’t be silent. I think you should start a blog. You have many thoughts gushing out of you. Listen. It’s coming from beyond you and we live together. Remember you are an expression of me.

Spend more time with Mary Anna. Seek out earth teachers. You are a teacher. Teach my truth. Don’t hold it in any more. I will open doors and paths for you. Don’t be afraid to follow the path of your life into your journey.

Be kind to the people. They’re all part of us. Encourage them to get back in touch, but don’t push — just invite. I will wake you up. I will awaken the masses. Let us dance.

See us swaying. Have a new consciousness. Don’t consider yourself separate and isolated. Wake up to the beauty of a web containing us all and Dance! I say Dance!

I didn’t evolve you into being over 4.7 billion years to have you sit around like lumps on a log. This is a huge experiment and a wonderful dance. Take joy!

I’m sorry if it’s not ideal. There is pain and also joy. Take joy. Learn from the pain.

Be real. Keep speaking up. It’s not too late.