Spiritual Seedlings

5 A Letter from the Earth on Lectio Divina with Nature


Letter from the Earth on Lectio Divina with Nature 1/12/19

Dear Nancy,

Listen to the natural world with your heart.

There is so much going on outside your window on any given day. How often do you walk outside and get into your car without even noticing?

When I ask you to wake up, Nancy, I want you to wake up to the beauty into which you were born. I want you to give thanks and be attentive to the miracles of life.

Just look at your hand and be mesmerized. Ball it into a fist and then open your fingers. Let them flutter. Really look. Observe the usefulness. Imagine what lies under the skin. Quite amazing, isn’t it?

Right now, it’s winter for you, and so you hurry when you are outdoors. You think there is nothing to see, but that is so not true. Consider the trees. Stark beauty against changing skies, a testament to versatility that they can live through frigid temperatures. Can you let them teach you?

Consider those barren rose plants in your front garden. Prickly sticks, now seemingly dead – and yet in a few months leaves will come and then my gorgeous pink and yellow fragrant Knockout roses, you know? Possibility just waiting its turn. Could they teach you patience?

Ugly brown earth, frozen now in the winter cold. Yet you know, if you think about it, as soon as the warming trend starts, your bulbs will send up shoots into the air, and soon bright yellow daffodils, brilliant red tulips, delicate purple crocuses, and fragrant pink hyacinths will emerge. The earth holds promise, caretaking bulbs, and seeds of possibilities.

You see, Nancy, you must slow down, observe, watch, and listen for the love and messages of all creation. Open your heart and you will see.

I guarantee you will have a splendid time.


Love, Gaia.