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  • Spiritual Seedlings… My business created to scatter spiritual seeds through writing, speaking, and leading contemplative retreats.
  • Revelation in the Cave… My first novel, a cross between the Da Vinci Code and the Ya Ya Sisterhood, a nonviolent alternative to the Left Behind fiction. Introducing the Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club (The MAMs), a diverse group of women who venture on an archeological dig in Turkey digging up scrolls that illuminate not just the Book of Revelation, but each of their own lives.
  • Revelation at the Labyrinth (eLectio Publishing, 2017). My second novel. Join the Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club (the MAMs) on an adventure as they launch a re-entry organic farm for women in recovery. Visit my author website at nancyflinchbaugh.com for more information.
  •  Letters from the Earth (Higher Ground Books and Media, 2018). A memoir of a year in my life during which the Earth wrote me letters which are encouraging, uplifting and challenging.
  • Awakening: A Contemplative Primer on Learning to Sit (Higher Ground Books and Media, 2020). A how-to manual for those seeking to dwell close to the mystery of God, teaching meditation, labyrinth walking, mindful eating and other contemplative practices that illuminate the moment and awaken the pilgrim into taking action in challenging times. For supplemental information on this book, check on the Awakenings Index. For Spiritual Seedlings Interviews with Contemplative Experts check out the Spiritual Seedlings Interviews Playlist on Nancy’s YouTube Channel.
  • Revelation in the Roots: Emerald Isle (Coming Soon by All Things that Matter Press)
  • The MAMs Book Club Web… The MAMs (as introduced in Revelation in the Cave) continue to speak and live here on this webpage as they comment on books read by the MAMs Book Club Springfield which I started in my home in March, 2013. We read a book every month, and then I create a discussion guide for other book clubs, with comments from myself and the MAMs about the book, with some questions for groups to use when discussing the books. In the MAMs Book Club Springfield, each member picks their choice – so you’ll find our books are old and new, fiction and nonfiction! I offer this as a resource to readers and book clubs everywhere. The MAMs are also featured in  Revelation at the Labyrinth, published by eLectio Publishing, 2017.
  • Contemplative Retreat Offerings… After completing  the course “Leading Contemplative Small Groups and Retreats” with the Shalem Institute in 2012, I have been offering contemplative retreats and labyrinth events. I  have lead retreats at First Baptist ( Ohio), Trinity Lutheran (Vermilion, Ohio) and Prairie City Church of the Brethern (Iowa). I also am a certified Labyrinth Facilitator with the Veriditas Organization, founded by Lauren Artress.  I have hosted  labyrinth walks at First Baptist Church, Springfield. (Follow on Facebook at: Living Vine Labyrinth). I have also led labyrinth experiences with the Shalem Personal Spiritual Deepening Program, the Springfield Regional Cancer Center, a Juvenile Detention facility and at the Woman’s Reformatory in Marysville Ohio. I particularly enjoy leading Earth-related sessions, opening the Holy Book of Creation and listening to God through nature, as well as listening for ways God is calling us to care for and protect nature. I am also a member of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, seeking to build bipartisan political will to address climate change. My concern about the Earth is a theme in both Revelation at the Labyrinth and Letters from the Earth.
  • Passion Retreat Offerings… I believe that each of us has a call to find  (in the words of Frederick Buechner ) “that place where our deep passion meets the world’s deep need.” Using an Appreciative Inquiry planning process, I have designed a retreat process to help persons understand and name that passion and develop a plan to pursue that with their lives. I have also guided the Appreciative Inquiry planning process many times with groups in community planning ventures and love to facilitate that sort of work.
  • Learning to Sit… I developed a contemplative primer, using poems based on my contemplative practice. I use excerpts from this book for retreat offerings.
  • Letters from the Earth Messages from the Earth. This began with an exercise in which we were encouraged to write a letter to ourselves from the Earth. I have received over 100 letters which have totally amazed me. You can read a few of them here.  The first 24 letters were published in my book Letters from the Earth by Higher Ground Books and Media (2018)
  • BlogI’ve dabbled in blogging on this website since its origins. Currently I am blogging about my newest book, Awakening: A Contemplative Primer on Learning to Sit.

Enjoy the offerings here, and contact me  at nancy.flinchbaugh@gmail.com if you’d like more information about my retreat offerings or would like a speaker for your group or organization. I’m also happy to speak on my books. Visit my author website at: nancyflinchbaugh.com.

May this page help you find paths of hope, love and discovery in your life!

Nancy Flinchbaugh