Spiritual Seedlings

7 A Letter from the Earth on Gratitude

I call you to dance

Dear One,

When you say thank you, you sense me in all my glory. You tap into the reality of your life as blessing and joy. That is why I call you to live in an awareness of gratitude. Because then you dwell in the miracle of life and believe me… You are a miracle.

You humans take life for granted and get hung up in so much that doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things. Your almighty Dollar. Progress. Politics.

I created you for more than that. That is why I call you to dance. I want you to live your days with happy abandon. I want you to love and laugh.

You have a choice. Those Kaufmans* got it right. When faced with difficulties, you can give in to despair or you can choose happiness, gratitude and joy.
Give thanks. Find that silver lining. Dance with the fairies who are rolling out a red carpet into your day even as we speak.

And Dear One? Thank you for listening.

Love, Gaia.

This is an excerpt from Awakening: A Contemplative Primer on Learning to Sit

*Neil Barry Kaufman wrote Happiness is a Choice about choosing happiness and love after giving birth to a child with numerous disabilities.