Spiritual Seedlings

4 A Letter from the Earth on Lectio Divina with Scripture

Lectio Divna Bible

Dear One,

 My words resonate with your soul.

 You humans compose all kinds of things with your thoughts, but in your sacred scripture, the words sing in ways not often found in other writing. So they can help guide you into my light.

 I’ve been trying to teach you my way, which is to slow down, savor and appreciate.

 Imagine a feast before you. You can gorge yourself with all sorts of delectable dishes and desserts and miss the unique tastes of the single services. So it is with scripture. You might learn and be enlightened by a scripture passage, but miss the gems of the holy words within.

So take time to listen like the monks of old and allow the scripture to shine into your heart and illumine your life. Then you will truly live the love and hope and joy for which you were born.

 Love, Gaia