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Contemplative Modules by Spiritual Seedlings

  • Sweet Hour of Prayer – O taste and see that it is good in this one hour experience!
  • A Journey to the Center – Explore your spiritual path in this two hour labyrinth walk retreat
  • Exploring Contemplative Moments – A three hour journey into the Heart of God
  • Reading the Holy Book of Nature – A day of prayer, listening to God’s voice in nature
  •  A Silent Weekend Retreat of focus on the Season –   Experience a mystical weekend, dwelling in the silence of God, enjoying the poetry of nature, the language of contemplatives, and the goodness of your soul,  taking time to listen and awaken new life within you. 

Also available: Labyrinth Retreats.

For more information email Nancy Flinchbaugh   at nancy.flinchbaugh@gmail.com

 Why you might want to consider attending a Contemplative Module offered by Spiritual Seedlings….

In this post-modern world, we are beginning to sense that something is wrong with the frenzy of activity in which dwell.  Many sense we are on a collision course with the life of our planet.  Our churches seek to provide a relevant alternative; a pathway to a deep spirituality that will help us make sense of our reality and connect us to Living Water,  the fountain of all blessing that will energize and help us create possible futures together.

During this time, the contemplative path emerges to lead us home into the mystery and the hope of all creation.  Christians have much to learn from the mystics within in our own tradition, and even from the mystical threads in other spiritual traditions.

These sessions offer participants the opportunity to dwell in simple presence.  Although not a complicated path, one must slow down and commit to the discipline of listening and silence to enter that sacred spaciousness of God.

Whether you commit to one hour or a weekend; or somewhere in between, these retreats offer possibilities for you to taste of the goodness of contemplative space.  As you cultivate this stillness in the center of your being, your life will begin to unfold into the beauty for which you were created.

Each module will involve a time of instruction and preparation, leading the retreatant into the holy space of God’s presence.  After a time of resting in the silence, there will be a time of journaling and then sharing, with a closing ritual.  The modules will build on each other and take the retreatant deeper into the love of God.  There are many ways to listen, and to enter the silence.  But once there, the experience grows over time into an incredible journey.