Spiritual Seedlings

2 A Letter from the Earth on Learning to Sit

5 Learning to Sit


Dear One,

When you sit in meditation, you fulfill all my desires for you. You stop. You listen. You merge your mind-body-spirit into the unity of my creation. You let go of thoughts which divide. You become one and experience the love at the center of life.

It’s taken awhile for you to get it. I see you continuing to learn and struggle, even as you know it’s so important for your well-being.

Dear One, I want to affirm your meditation practice. In fact, I’d like to challenge you to extend it into other parts of your day. Could you try a 15-minute meditation break at work? How about evening meditation with your husband?

I want you to live mindfully and to increase your ability to let go into the moment. You’ve tasted the goodness of silence and you’ve delved into the unity consciousness. If you can extend this into more of your day, you’ll be surprised at the results and the simplicity that unfolds around you.

Learning to sit is quite a noble goal. Keep up the good efforts. Know I’m there, filling your life with joy and possibility. I love communing with you in this way.

 Love, Gaia