Spiritual Seedlings

About Spiritual Seedlings

The mission of Spiritual Seedlings is to encourage a deep, contemplative spirituality among its customers that helps them both create a fulfilling life of love in their own circles, as well as to equip them with tools to move toward future holistic solutions for their own lives and for corporate planetary life. The works come from a Christian viewpoint, but also look toward the love, truth and Spirit in all religions.

The first venture of the organization is publishing and marketing the book, Revelation in the Cave, a spiritual adventure written by Nancy Flinchbaugh which introduces the MAMs, the members of the Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club.

Spiritual Seedlings also offers sessions and retreats on themes in the book: Christian Contemplation and Unfolding Life Passion.   The sessions are offered in a variety of time frames, from a one hour introductory retreat up to a full weekend retreat.