Spiritual Seedlings

About Spiritual Seedlings

The mission of Spiritual Seedlings is to encourage a deep, contemplative spirituality among its customers that helps them both create a fulfilling life of love in their own circles, as well as to equip them with tools to move toward future holistic solutions for their own lives and for corporate planetary life. The works come from a Christian viewpoint, but also look toward the love, truth and Spirit in all religions.

The first venture of the organization was publishing and marketing the book, Revelation in the Cave, a spiritual adventure written by Nancy Flinchbaugh which introduces the MAMs, the members of the Magnificent and Marvelous Book Club.

Spiritual Seedlings also offers sessions and retreats by Nancy Flinchbaugh on themes in books, including Christian Contemplation and Unfolding Life Passion.   The sessions are offered in a variety of time frames, from a one hour introductory retreat up to a full weekend retreat.

Nancy Flinchbaugh is a graduate of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation program on Leading Contemplative Small Groups and Retreats and also a certified labyrinth facilitator with Veriditas. She enjoys leading contemplative retreats, labyrinth experiences and experiences listening to God’s creation. She will work with you to design a retreat or event for your group of varying lengths.

Nancy writes as spiritual practice. She has written two novels with spiritual themes. Revelation in the Cave (Spiritual Seedlings, 2012) and Revelation at the Labyrinth (2017), as well as a memoir, Letters from the Earth (Higher Ground Books and Media, 2018) involving letters she receives from God and about her growing concern for God’s creation. She has also written a “How-To” manual on contemplative practices, Awakening: A Contemplative Primer on Learning to Sit (Higher Ground Books and Media, 2020)>

Possible Retreats with Nancy

A Morning of Listening at the Labyrinth. 2-3 hour contemplative retreat, including journaling, labyrinth walking and sharing.

A Quiet Day of Listening with God’s Creation. 4-6 hours in a natural setting, practicing Lectio Divina with the Holy Book of nature

A weekend retreat exploring contemplative practices of meditation, labyrinth walking, mindful eating, and Taize worship.

Discovering your Passion Workshop. 3-5 hour workshop to explore your passion utilizing an appreciative inquiry process in a group format.

A Speaker for your Meeting or Book Club

Possible Topics: Creativity and Spirituality, Listening to the God through God’s Creation, Second Chances, Author talk, Writing as Spiritual Practice, Labyrinth walks, The Importance of Silence in Christian Life, Listening to the Earth

Celebrations at the Labyrinth. The labyrinth can be a place to celebrate a life transition or accomplishment. Nancy will work with you to design a labyrinth event with you and your friends/family for a special time of celebration.

Book-Themed Parties.

Revelations at the Labyrinth. Have a birthday or milestone party at the labyrinth and every person who comes receives a copy of Nancy’s book, Revelation at the Labyrinth, and walks the labyrinth with the guest of honor. $20/person.

Letters from the Earth Party. Gather your friends for a time of listening with the Earth exploring themes in Nancy’s book of dancing, savoring food and people, living in the moment and speaking up for the earth. Each person receives a copy of Nancy’s book, Letters from the Earth. $15/person.

Revelation in the Cave. Enjoy an afternoon on an imaginary trip to Greece and Turkey, participate in an archaeological dig and uncover truths for you in the book of Revelation. Each person receives a copy of Nancy’s book, Revelation in the Cave.  $15/person


To contact Nancy, email her at nancy.flinchbaugh@gmail.com. Or text or call her at 937-206-0265. Follow her on Facebook at Nancy Flinchbaugh, Author and on her websites at spiritualseedlings.com and nancyflinchbaugh.com