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Letters from the Earth by Nancy Flinchbaugh

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About the book:

In May 2015, the Earth wrote me a letter and told me to start a blog! Since then, I received more letters from the Earth which are encouraging, uplifting, and challenging. During our growing ecological crisis, this book provides a fresh voice of Gaia/God, who calls us to slow down and take time to appreciate the miraculous nature of all, and to awaken to needed changes to avoid environmental destruction.

What they’re saying about Letters from the Earth

Dancing between humor, excitement, and tragedy, Nancy cleverly educates and subtly challenges her audience to become one with each other and Mother Earth through her letters from Gaia.

Pastor Adam Banks, First Baptist Church, Springfield, Ohio. 2016 Graduate, Princeton Theological Seminary

Nancy receives these messages from the ears of her heart. She sees Mother Earth with the eyes of her soul. Her writing lends us hope that we too can listen to the symphony of the heavens and see the tapestry of nature,  concealed from mortal sight, but visible to the inner eye.

Farzana Moon, Muslim poet, historian and playwright, author of fourteen books on history and religion

Letters from the Earth is a a beautiful reflection on the truth that we live in a world that is full of animation.  We all are sent messages from our Mother Earth unceasingly through her creatures and landscapes.   This book reminds us to become still and listen deeply to receive Her abundant love letters.

Barb Davis, spiritual director and teacher, Spirituality Network of Columbus

Letters from the Earth gently prods us to awaken to all that is praiseworthy on our planet and in our lives, despite the many disturbing ecological and political facts of our time.  Ultimately, Letters From the Earth is about exercising hope in the resilience and brilliance of our planet.

Bre Jeffrey, traveler

A description of the beauty of nature with sunrise and sunset, mountains and greenery and a variety of living beings enjoying and dancing with the resources provided by Mother Earth  (Gaia). It matches the Hindu philosophy which views all creation as part of God. The book also explores how we are changing and destroying our environment. We need to preserve the Earth and keep it livable for future generations. I fully support the author’s sentiments.

Dr. Ravi Khanna, Hindu Medical Oncologist, Retired

In Letters from the Earth, Nancy shares wisdom received through deeply contemplative spiritual practice. As she conveys Gaia’s voice from a larger view, a dancing force of life emerges through it. An ancient yet present and personal source of love reminds those dedicated to planetary stewardship to celebrate. This book brings you close to the heart of our Earth, ground of our being. Her words open us to passionately appreciating the gift of life in all experience, whether in grief or in delight.

 Karen Jeffers-Tracy, Grandmother, Librarian, Climate Science Educator

 Letters from the Earth is not only wonderful devotional reading; it is also prophetic and makes a compelling contribution to our collective efforts to steward God’s creation.  What impressed me most is the evidence found in the letters and responses that the author is really listening, growing and becoming exactly the person God has called her to be

Rev. Dr. Ken Whitt, American Baptist Pastor and Spiritual Director, author of Halfway to Heaven

About the author

Nancy Flinchbaugh is a Christian contemplative. Each morning she begins her day with God in the silence. From this expansive space of love, she journals and writes and some days she receives letters from the Earth, what she considers messages from God. Several years ago she answered a call to speak for the Earth. Now the Earth is also speaking to her. She leads contemplative retreats focused on listening for God in nature and walking the labyrinth. She has written two novels, Revelation in the Cave (Spiritual Seedlings, 2012) and Revelation at the Labyrinth (2017, eLectio Publishing). She is a member of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a coaching client of AllWriters’ Workplace and Workshop and maintains websites at SpiritualSeedlings.com and nancyflinchbaugh.com and a Facebook page at Nancy Flinchbaugh, Author. Email her to Nancy.Flinchbaugh@gmail.com to invite her speak, lead a retreat or discuss her writing. She lives in Springfield, Ohio with her husband, Steve, and cat, Emily Rose.