Spiritual Seedlings

8 Mindful Meal


Mindful Eating on Retreat

On silent retreat

Meals offer meaning,

Mindful practice,

New dimensions of digestion.


Savor completely.

Chew slowly.

Focus awareness

On inner transformations.


Consider planting, nurturing,

harvesting, slaughtering,

packaging, transporting,

selling/buying, preparing.


How many people, plants, animals

To thank?

How many hands

Contributed to the bounty of this plate?


Lay down the fork after each bite.

Then chew, reflect,

Remember, give thanks

And start over again.


Marvel at the gifts.

Enjoy the colors.

Recognize exquisite composition.

Hold gratitude for edible blessings.


Find time to pray

For those present and afar.

Find time for

Simple enjoyment.


How can it be

A meal yields such profound practice?

How can it be

Mindfulness brings such peace?