Spiritual Seedlings

Poem 1 Awaken by Nancy Flinchbaugh

Awaken by Nancy Flinchbaugh

Listen to the Poem

Awaken, body of mine.

            Be here now.

            Feel heart beating.

           Sense lungs breathing.

            Open eyes and ears.

            Move into space, dancing, laughing, loving.

            Be miraculously alive.

Awaken, mind of mine.

            Think into now.

            Synapses connecting.

            Information assembling.

            Intelligence surging.

            Open all possibilities.

            Move into inventive solutions, hope for tomorrow.

            Be highest consciousness of Planet Earth.

Awaken, Spirit within.

            Connecting to You, Oh God.

            Feeling Presence.

            Sensing Love.

            Hearing with Your ears, seeing with Your eyes.

            Moving into Your plans, Your hopes, Your path.

            May I connect with You, Creator of all.