Spiritual Seedlings

A Letter from the Earth on Gratitude 12/31/18


Dear Nancy,

Gratitude is a practice that brings joy. Sometimes you humans forget to notice miracles abounding all around. When you pause to give thanks, the smile opens on your lips and you pay attention to blessings.

So Nancy, that is why your scripture tells you to give thanks. That is why you have so many books on gratitude coming out these days. That is why your heart sings when you remember to give thanks.

It’s important to pause several times a day to give thanks. Look around you in this moment. How many things, people places, experiences can you remember just sitting here for which you might give thanks? A rocking chair reminds you of grandparents, an ornament of a parenting group. The list goes on.

I have created you to live in joy. Be grateful and you will fulfill my hopeĀ for you all.