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A Letter from the Earth concerning Food 1/6/19

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Dear Nancy,

Food is essential for life, but your modern way of eating takes in too much and fills your body with delicious substances unintended for sustenance.

All life finds enough to survive or it dies. Experimentation is common within nature, poisoning, too. Species rise and fall in all of this, over eons of time. You are a part of this process, not separate.

Part of your problem is you have too much, almost infinite choice. If you limit your choice, you could find a way to lose pounds. Your friend Barbara gave you that list of zero points. What if you try that for a few weeks?

Eat salads, when you go out. Limit carbs. Cut out sugar entirely. Feast on fruit. Make vegetable concoctions. Focus on spices and make delicious entrees.

Meat is okay. You are a carnivore. You don’t need much, but enough to fill you.

And Nancy, savor being hungry. Walk gently on the earth. Sit. Meditate. Be mindful as you eat and not only will you enjoy the process you will find the satiation necessary for life.

I love you whatever you weigh.

Love, Gaia