Spiritual Seedlings

31 A Letter from the Earth concerning Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Annual Conference 6/20/16


Dear Nancy,

This week you come to your nation’s capital to address climate change with your elected officials. Thank you.

Thank you for taking time out of your full schedule to speak for me.

Please thank all of those friends of yours in the Citizens’ Climate Lobby for their amazing work for me. Do you see what is possible when you believe? Do you see the possibilities of visioning, hope and hard work?

Here, this week, in DC, you see and hear amazing stories of transformation. You find so many others like yourself clamoring to speak out, offer hope, laugh and create and make a difference.

I love you all. I love all of the people with whom you’ll lobby today.

Believe. Hope. Work to make change.

You, my pinnacles, can do this and I’m watching it happen.

Marshall Saunders, Mark Reynolds, Madeleine Para, Jay Butera, all of them, all of you –

Thank you. Don’t lose hope. Look at where you’ve already come.
Now, hit it out of the park.

I believe in you.