Spiritual Seedlings

A Letter from the Earth on Speaking Up – March 3, 2019

June 21st, 2019

rootpond (6)

Dear Nancy,

Today, I want you to speak up for me.

Do you see the forests burning down?

Do you see the winds picking up?

Do you see the floods destroying towns?

Do you see mudslides ravishing communities?

Do you see erratic weather wreaking havoc both in your country and around the globe?

The young people know the truth. Many older people, also. Fake news is destroying the Earth.

I have given you all of this. I have given you life – not to squander – but to cherish and to love.

Nancy, it’s beyond time to speak.

I ask you and the masses now to speak truth to power.

It’s not too late, but it will be soon.

I love you all so much.