Spiritual Seedlings

A Letter from the Earth about Taking It Slow 7/29/18

August 10th, 2018


For several years, I have been receiving Letters from the Earth. Now, she urges me to share them with you. I believe they come from deep in the heart of God, the nurturing energy in all of creation. I don’t know about you, but my life seems to speed by entirely too quickly these days. And many would say that we Americans live with stress by doing too much and working too hard for too many hours. On a very busy day, the Earth wrote me this letter.  

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Dear Nancy,

I want you to slow down and experience me. I want you to stop today. Here. There. Along the road. Don’t rush.

When you rush, you enter quick time. You don’t see me, much less anyone around you. So stop. Go slow. Don’t worry. Just be.

Do you see it’s your internal drive that can kill? Just let it all go.

Let your life teach you and listen in the moment. That’s the thing. When you slow down, you’ll hear what you need.

Expanding your awareness with me happens in the slow.

Okay, Nanc?