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A Letter from the Earth about Precious Water 6/18/18

June 22nd, 2018

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Dear Nancy,

Today I want to write you about water. Such a precious commodity that you Americans often take for granted. Yet within my creation, it is the crown jewel of all life. It is what makes all life possible and what distinguishes planet earth from many other orbiting spheres.

Over time, water birthed life and all living things. You yourself are composed of ¾ water, as is your planet. It is the majority of you and so very precious.

I want to ask you to take care of this life force within and all around you. Protect it. Cultivate it. Drink deeply and be refreshed.

I noticed you watering the plants this morning, praying for your friends and family, wishing healing and refreshment on both the flowers and vegetables and those you love. And so it is with me. I love you all so much and shower you with rain, sunshine, and what you need to thrive.

And yet, Nancy, your ecosystem isn’t perfect. And you humans are wreaking havoc with what I have created. Droughts, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, mudslides have always happened, but they are increasing in frequency and severity now because of your addiction to fossil fuels and because you are putting too much carbon into our atmosphere. Deforestation, pollution, and industrial waste – by products of your ingenious industrialization — are also destroying our environment.

Nancy, I can start over, but I so wish you and your fellow earthlings would wake up before it’s too late for your Planet Earth. Call the government to action. Don’t let them continue their greedy frenzy putting money ahead of life.

It’s about the future of humanity, Nancy. I call you and others to wake up now and take action. I’m counting on you.

A Letter from the Earth about Precious Water 6182018