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27 A Letter from the Earth about Riding My Bike to work 5/24/16

June 14th, 2018

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Dear Nancy,

I’ve seen you on your bike, making a statement in your community. You enjoy being out there in that way, don’t you? I hear you saying, “See, we don’t need these cars as much as we think we do. If I can do this, so can you!”

I smile at the ingenuity of your ways. You have the luxury to ride on the beautiful days and to take your car during the lousy ones. And so you do.

But, I want to encourage you to ride your bike, not just to make a statement (which you do) but also because it connects you more to Me. I notice you slowing down. I watch you breathing in the air. I see you observe my landscape. I see you enjoy the park, watching the river, I sense you more grounded in your life when you ride your bike.

You humans rush around in those cars of yours. They take you wherever you want to go, much too quickly it seems to me. Then you get into the habit of rushing and you fail to really experience your life.

Riding your bike is good. Walking is better. Realize, Nancy, when you ride your bike, it’s not those other people you are teaching as much as it is you.

You learn to slow down when you ride your bike. You are learning to take in the miracles of the landscape, growing things and endless beauty. You are becoming more integrated into the space of Springfield where you live.

So, I applaud your efforts to consume less gasoline by riding your bike. That is so important to your atmosphere, but also the benefits to you are enormous.

So, take time to savor and enjoy and find the happiness within whenever you have the luxury of riding your bike to work. Don’t go so fast that you miss out on life. That’s what I’ve been trying to teach you and you are beginning to understand, aren’t you?

Have a wonderful day! Ride on!

Love, Gaia