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A Letter from the Earth concerning Morning Silence 5/11/18

June 8th, 2018

Every morning, I wake early to meditate, journal and write. It’s during this time I receive these letters from the Earth. On this particular morning, the Earth wrote me about my meditation practice. I love her suggestions. Perhaps they will be helpful to you, as well!

May 11, 2018

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A Letter from the Earth concerning the Morning Silence

It’s morning and once again you come to listen to me. Thank you.

In the mornings of your life you can hear more deeply the truth of the eons. Here you find silence which astounds you and you encounter that laughing spirit coaxing you into life. Amid all the uncertainty and foibles and hopes of your existence, you come and sit with me.

As you center and breathe, you take the life force inherent in all of my creatures. I’m so glad you meditate, but I want you to take it just a little deeper. Let the distractions go. Find that point of inner bliss where we connect.

You believe that you encounter God as you meditate, right? You say you listen. So, I ask you to meditate more expectantly, more fully as we share love in this morning time.

Breathe in my Spirit enlivening, enfolding, encouraging you. Breathe out the frustrations and fears. Let go into our love.

Okay Nancy? I’ll be waiting.