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A Letter from the Earth Concerning Vacation with Loved Ones May 24, 2018

May 25th, 2018

For several years, I have been receiving Letters from the Earth. Now, she urges me to share them with you. I believe they come deep from the heart of God, the nurturing energy in all of creation. I received this letter after arriving in Boston for a long weekend with my son, Jacob, and my husband, Steve. She always gives me great advice that I think might be helpful to you, as well.

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A Letter from the Earth Concerning Vacation with Loved Ones  May 24, 2018

Dear Nancy,

This week you are taking a vacation to visit your son. Thank you for taking a break and thank you for spending time with those you love. So important for the quality of your life, you know.

Here you are in Boston and I sense you want to see the natural world, the sea, the beach, the flowers and woods, but there is so much more here in this place steeped in history and ingenuity. Be open to urban life. Explore. Listen to your son. Be delighted with your husband’s choices. Relax and have a good time.

Don’t become too intent with doing at the expense of being. Allow your days to be spacious. You can teach, but also learn. Take yourself lightly. Laugh and be real. This is my prescription for each day, really.

So glad you are here. Enjoy!