Spiritual Seedlings

18 A Letter from the Earth concerning a Walk in the Arboretum

May 18th, 2018


For several years, I have been receiving Letters from the Earth. She urges me to share them with you. I believe they come deep from the heart of God, the nurturing energy in all of creation. I received this letter after taking a walk in a beautiful arboretum and cemetery a block from home. I had been worrying about the changing climate that day, pondering the great denial of so many despite the obvious problem we face. 

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18 A Letter from the Earth Concerning a Walk in the Arboretum

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for listening to me. So many are disconnected from me these days. I appreciate your willingness to listen and record my thoughts. Thank you very much.

These walks are good for you and good for me.

For once you took time to really consider your place in the universe. An earthling walking on planet earth, you sensed the position of your body on a round ball, suspended in space, in an ever evolving universe. Looking at the limestone cliffs, grown of millions of years of geological events, now full of holes, eroding yet still standing. You saw yourself within the Universe Story and marveled at the miracle of it all.

Thank you for taking time to be aware of all that has transpired and all that is happening now.

I know it was hard for you yesterday when your high school friends laughed and told you global warming wasn’t real. Later your husband reminded you that denial is a very real part of grief. You have to love the people, even as you continue to speak. Remember the hospice nurse, Patty Babian, who told you never to deny people their denial. Sometimes that’s the best place to be.

So much churning within you these days, Nancy. I know it’s painful and beautiful. Puzzling and triumphant. Depressing and hopeful.

In the midst of this time, I thank you for listening. I give thanks as you lead the church children in their dance of gratitude this morning, know that I am there, animating you and them, dancing, providing life for all and I appreciate you.

Love, Gaia