Spiritual Seedlings

2018 April 9 A Letter from the Earth concerning April Snow

April 13th, 2018

April snow

This spring, our weather is weird. Torrential downpours led to flooding. Tornadoes and winds damaged trees and houses. And then, it began to snow again. Three times in the past two weeks. I received this letter from the Earth, as I sat in my morning meditation chair, looking at the April snow outside my window. I believe the letters I receive come from deep within the heart of God, the nurturing energy at the center of all creation.


A Letter from the Earth concerning April Snow

Received April 9, 2018


Dear Nancy,

Today I want you to consider the beauty of the Earth – of me and and of you. I know you’re a little perturbed because it snowed again last night. It’s April and you want spring flowers, not freezing cold.

But consider the snowflakes. Each a perfect crystal, each unique. All gathering together to create beauty on your landscape. Look. Observe. Reflect. Photograph. Appreciate. Take it all in.

Yes, our climate is changing. Yes, you need to speak up. Yes, it’s a serious problem. But don’t neglect to see the miracles yet unfolding around you, even in the April snow.

This is a precious, beautiful  miraculous world in which we live, together. Take time to notice the miracles. If people fall in love with me, they’re more likely to get involved in speaking up for sustainability, reducing fossil fuel use and making the change we need.

Take time today, Nancy, to appreciate the beauty of our earth.

Love, Gaia