Spiritual Seedlings

12. A Letter from the Earth at the Beach

January 18th, 2016


In January, I visited my friends at a condo at Surfside Beach, South Carolina. Fortunate to be escaping Ohio cold, I relished time to relax with several friends and savor the beach. The first morning, I received yet another letter from the Earth, so full of wisdom and good advice. I am most grateful.

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Hello Nancy,

I’m so glad you decided to take a break at the beach of your life.

Here is a place to slow down and savor each day. Welcome the sunrise. Let go at sunset. Experience the dazzling beauty where water waves into land.

For eons you humans come here to dwell in the beauty to get away from your ordinary life. In warmer months you swim and sun, in colder months you walk.

Open yourself to this place. Open your heart to spaciousness. Let that mighty shore teach you what it is you need at this point in your life.

I am always here, welcoming you while we live together. Absorb the beauty so you will hold it within when you return to your inland life.

Your Gaia God.