Spiritual Seedlings

11. A Letter from the Earth about the Cold

January 14th, 2016


Dear Nancy,

Winter has come to Ohio. You breathe in fresh, crisp air and feel my refreshment. You snuggle under warm blankets, yet enjoy the cool air in your nostrils. Snow blankets the land. Ice forms on the trees.

You see the dormant land coated with beauty. You like what you see. Mesmerized, you walk into a new season that I’ve created for you. Quite wonderful, if I might say so myself!

You humans complain about the cold and I know too much of it can be a very bad thing for you. This is true. And also, Nancy, the cold is so important to your ecosystem. In the mountains, snow creates a water supply for the warmer months. In the temperate zone, cold puts many bugs and pests to sleep and prevents other diseases from taking hold on the population. At the poles, the cold keeps your oceans stable and land masses exposed, not to mention providing home to those cute penguins and lumbering polar bears. It’s all good, Nancy.

I’ve noticed you savoring cold this January, when you thought it might not come this year. And so now, I feel you welcoming cold a little more than usual. I’ve noticed that about you humans.

Sometimes it takes loss, or fear of loss, to help you truly appreciate the goodness of aspects of creation. I sense in you a gradual awakening to me over the past five years. And that is good. I enjoy your awakening into full reverence for the Earth.

So once again, I must tell you, Nancy, don’t be dismayed. I much more hope you will be mesmerized and call your people to celebrate, care for the earth, to dance, to speak out, to love, to realize this incredible miraculous planet in which you live, which is so very holy. That Pope Francis of mine got it right. Join him. Join all the voices, Nancy, all those speaking up, listening to me.

Don’t be dismayed. Be mesmerized.

Dance. Laugh. Love.

I love you.

Gaia God