Spiritual Seedlings

9. A letter from the Earth on Christmas Day 2015

January 3rd, 2016

The month of December here in Springfield, Ohio was unseasonably warm. During the week of Christmas we received torrential downpours, while elsewhere in the USA flooding and tornadoes created yuletide nightmares. On Christmas Day I went out for a walk in my neighborhood. I saw one man mowing the grass. When I came back in, I paused to write and received this, yet another letter of encouragement from the Earth.

Dear Nancy,

Don’t cry. Things are changing, always changing. This is life.

You walked out to visit me on Christmas Day and right outside your front door you noticed the daffodils are coming up already. You’re not used to this happening in December, are you? Just after winter begins there with the solstice you see the ground warming as if winter had passed and spring has begun. That’s change for you.

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You see, I’ve been here already for several billion years. I’ve gone through many changes and I continue that way. Your husband tells you this frequently, and you know it’s true. I will outlive you humans. You depend on me, but I don’t really need you.

So don’t cry. You took pictures of all the snowmen figurines and flags, but the real thing isn’t around this year. Instead, you have rain, 60 degree weather and you’re wondering what is coming next.


Let go and live in the moment, Nancy. You are trying to raise awareness about climate change and what you humans are doing with your fossil fuels. That’s good. Keep it up, but don’t give in to despair.


I keep telling you to dance, and I’m not making it up. I really do want you to celebrate this life you have. In a moment it comes, and in a moment it goes and now is the time to live.

So dance, celebrate, laugh, be happy and share the Christmas daffodils. That’s good. Keep speaking up for you, for me, for us. I love you. I love them all.

Your Mother, your Earth, your God