Spiritual Seedlings

7. A Letter from the Earth Concerning Travels in Ireland

October 19th, 2015

In early October, 2015, my husband and I took a 30th anniversary trip to Ireland. We enjoyed the beauty of the island and I even fiddled in Dingle with a group of traditional Irish musicians, crossing off something on my bucket list. The history of spirituality on this island intrigues and calls to me. When I returned home, a received another letter from the earth concerning this trip. I could say I wrote this letter, but it feels like it’s being written through me, so I prefer to say I “received” it.

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Dear Nancy,

Thank you for visiting my Emerald Isle of Ireland, a special place of mine. You Americans find it entrancing and enchanted… and so do I. Her history overflows with people deeply connected to me.

Weren’t you amazed with the ingenuity of these prehistoric builders of Newgrange who created that magnificent waterproof building out of stone? That 5000 years later, the sun still illuminates its ceremonial center 3 days of the year at the winter solstice? Moving rocks weighing tons, building a still water tight rock dome, honoring and understanding the seasons and changing sun? Yes, those early people paid attention to me.

Weren’t you mesmerized by the Druid Forest at Blarney Castle where you saw their huge holy stones, cascading falls, rambling trees, shamrocks and could feel the magic of nature? Most of nature has this feel if you really pay attention. The Druids felt the mystery of it all and I think you did, too, that day.

Didn’t you love the 40 shades of green in rambling fields divided by stone fences, the coast lands, the beautiful Cliffs of Moher, the Dingle Peninsula taking you closest to your son in Boston, and the Wicklow Mountains south of Dublin? So much of the variety of my earth is displayed wonderfully on this small island.

And weren’t you totally delighted to meet Sr. Mary at the Solas Bhride Center for Spirituality and Hermitage at Kildare. Isn’t their new green building totally cool, not using fossil fuels for heating and cooling, providing a fit tribute to St. Bridgid, who shares a deep spiritual tradition before Christianity came to Ireland. You walked to St. Brigid’s Well and felt that connection to earth, to the wellspring of all life.

And everywhere you saw the Celtic crosses – at Glendalough and Clonmacnoise monastery ruins where monks kept hope alive, merging scholarship and church and caring for earth. The Celtic cross incorporates both the circle of life as well as suffering love, so important for the people of my creation.

Yes, Ireland is quite a place to learn. And I know you are very concerned about its future, and the future of our planet. That was very sobering to read the climate change display at the Cliffs of Moher stating that in 150 years Galway, Cork and Dublin might all be underwater.

Don’t stop your work on climate change. You are part of a wonderful organization, this Citizen’s Climate Lobby. The Paris Talks are coming up. Keep organizing. Keep speaking. Keep encouraging others to get involved. And Nancy, I like your monthly pledge website.

Thank you for taking time to spend your resources to explore and understand me better. I think it was a great learning and loving experience. Don’t you?

Your Mother who created Earth, Your God

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