Spiritual Seedlings

3. A Letter from the Earth at Lakeside

August 2nd, 2015


Last week I visited Lakeside, a Chautauqua on Lake Erie, a wonderful place I’ve loved since I was a little girl. When I arrived and hurried down to the long iconic pier, a sign indicated that Algal Blooms were infesting the waters, so swimming and boating were not recommended. Heartbroken, I stayed away from the lake most of the week. The water reopened twice during the week, only to close again. Between the farmers’ run off and warmer water temperatures from climate change, this northern Ohio play land and drinking water source is quickly becoming a dangerous container of bacteria. The final morning, I spent my prayer time at the lake, photographing the sunrise with the flowers and received yet another letter from the Earth, i.e. Our Creator God.


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Dear Nancy,

I love you. I love the many delicate flowers you have photographed with my sunrise this morning. I love each person you interacted with this week. Do you understand that all of creation is an expression of my love and that you humans, my pinnacle, I call to love?

I know you are very sad about my problems. I am, too. And listen to the cacophony of earth voices clamoring to call the people to awaken, to act, to rescue, to save.

You have heard my call. Thank you. Thank that husband of yours for his relentless efforts on my behalf. I know he has inspired you to do more.


The best you can do is to affirm the earth care actions in others. Notice. Praise. Take delight.

Be aware of the cacophony. Hear the multitudes. Don’t despair.

The lake will live again because of people like you and the Lakeside Environmental Stewardship Society (LESS).

Don’t forget to always love and dance. I say Dance!

Gaia, Your Creator

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