Spiritual Seedlings

1. A Letter from the Earth

June 26th, 2015

July 4, 2015

A couple weeks ago my husband and I visited our son, Luke, in Seattle. While enjoying the beauty of the great northwest, we participated in an activity where we wrote a letter to ourselves from the earth. Here’s what I wrote. Or should I say here’s what Mother Earth wrote through me. I would also say it’s a message from God.

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for noticing me. I love you. We are together — one — united. We breathe together. I love you so much.

Thank you for speaking up for me. Don’t lose heart. We’ve been working together a long time. Keep gathering companions. You are not alone. Be positive. Let my Spirit sing through you. Have fun! Dance! So many of my creatures dance. You can, too. There are many more mountains for you to climb and explore.

Speak! Don’t be silent. I think you should start a blog. You have many thoughts gushing out of you. Listen. It’s coming from beyond you and we live together. Remember you are an expression of me.

Spend more time with Mary Anna. Seek out earth teachers. You are a teacher. Teach my truth. Don’t hold it in any more. I will open doors and paths for you. Don’t be afraid to follow the path of your life into your journey.

Be kind to the people. They’re all part of us. Encourage them to get back in touch, but don’t push — just invite. I will wake you up. I will awaken the masses. Let us dance.

See us swaying. Have a new consciousness. Don’t consider yourself separate and isolated. Wake up to the beauty of a web containing us all and Dance! I say Dance!

I didn’t evolve you into being over 4.7 billion years to have you sit around like lumps on a log. This is a huge experiment and a wonderful dance. Take joy!

I’m sorry if it’s not ideal. There is pain and also joy. Take joy. Learn from the pain.

Be real. Keep speaking up. It’s not too late.